Susan Collings

University of Sydney

Dr Susan Collings (BA Hons, MPH, PhD) is a Research Fellow at the University of Sydney’s Research Centre for Children and Families and leads research to build evidence about the experiences and support needs of children and families involved in child protection and out-of-home-care. Susan has produced over 50 publications, reports and practice resources and has an international reputation for her research in the field of parenting with intellectual disability. Her current research includes an ARC Linkage Grant for co-design with out-of-home-care agencies to improve practices that support children to sustain connections to family and culture. Her applied research uses creative and participatory research approachs so policy and practice changes are based on rich insights from lived experiences.

Amy Conley Wright is Associate Professor of Social Work and Policy Studies at the University of Sydney and Director of the Research Centre for Children and Families. She leads applied research that builds evidence about children and their best interests in child protection and out-of-home care systems, through engagement with government and service providers. Her research has attracted substantial external funding and has involved multi-disciplinary collaboration with colleagues in law, sociology and economics. These projects use a range of methods, including surveys, case file review, interviews and focus groups, administrative data analysis and systematic review. Her collaborative international research and applied work have been recognised as influencing child and family services in Australia, U.S., Taiwan, Romania and other countries.

Bobby Hendry is a graphic designer and photographer who has personal experience of out-of-home-care. By the age of 15, she had lived in 40 homes with 16 different foster families. She was facing a move to a group home when her teachers decided to become her foster parents and she finally found a home where she belonged. Bobby participated in The Meanings of Permanency project and designed the photographic booklet.

Presentations by Susan Collings
What does permanency mean for young care leavers?
What does permanency mean for young care leavers?
Amy Conley Wright, Susan Collings, Bobby Hendry

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